New Music: Tal feat. Little Mix – “Une Autre Personne” (New French single – a must listen!)

New Music - Tal feat. Little Mix - 'Une Autre Personne' (New French single)

New Little Mix music is on it’s way, and we start off with this. French singer Tal has enlisted help of LM for a remix of her single “Une Autre Personne”.

Listen below..

Tal – Une Autre Personne (feat Little Mix)

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11 Responses to “New Music: Tal feat. Little Mix – “Une Autre Personne” (New French single – a must listen!)”

  1. leyna says:

    i’m french but sorry tal is a very bad singer

  2. Séverine says:

    I’m french mixer and I’m very disapointed ‘cuz Littlemix do a song with Tal. This song is really bad, the worst song by Tal… We hear only Leigh-Ann. Little mix is four girls not one –‘

  3. Pauline says:

    very bad. i don’t like. tal isn’t a good singer for sing with little mix… ew.

  4. Lucile says:

    Soo , I’m french .
    Sorry but in France Tal is not a good singer. Even if I love Little Mix, I like not at all this song. One do not recognize the voices of Little Mix and one hear them not at all. so Sorry but I don’t like this !
    I wait for the next Little Mix’s song without featuring with Tal with impatience !
    Love ya girlz

  5. Sim4e@ says:

    To be honest I really don’t like this song . I love little mix but this song …… not at all . I’m sooooo Sorry

  6. laurine says:

    hi i’m french mixer and tal is a very bad singer here :/ and this song is very bad

  7. Nataly says:

    Okay, I’m gonna write something new here. I’m Hungarian and I love Little Mix and Tal too. I like the song too. It’s not the best but I like it.

  8. Amy says:

    When I listened to the song I heard no Little Mix in it at all, so I thought it was just a way to get people to listen to it. Then more people started posting it on YouTube saying it was featuring Little Mix. Still not heard any of their voices in it. Have they confirmed it is their song?

    • Admin says:

      Yeah in the first opening lines it goes ‘Its T-A-L and Little Mix on the beat’ and at the end. The lyrics are on the site.

  9. Lily says:

    Ok I’m a French Mixer too, and I agree, Tal is not a very good singer. (Personnaly I don’t even bear her voice…) So I was REALLY desapointed when I listened to this. It was a really bad mistake to put Little Mix and Tal together, and in result we have a repetitive and bored (I’m sorry) song, which lyrics don’t even makes sense, and we don’t hear Little Mix’s voices ! Arrrgh I wish this song never existed.

  10. Hi says:

    I’m a French Mixer but I love this song and Tal is a really good singer. She has a beautiful voice and she can singing high note. Sorry but I think maybe some French are jealous of Tal beacause she sings a song with the girls. But Tal is a real good singer and the girls loves her. Jade say it in an interview :) !

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