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Little Mix are a British girlband who have come first in the UK talent show X Factor. The show has founded many acts such as Alexandra Burke, JLS & Leona Lewis. Little Mix (made up of Jade Thirlwall, Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock & Perrie Edwards) became the first ever band to win the X Factor. The girls performed a variety of songs from Nicki Minaj to En Vogue. The girls are now signed to Simon Cowell”s record label SyCo and have released their debut single Cannonball, a cover of Damien Rice’s hit single. The song topped the UK charts, and it also topped the Irish charts for four weeks including the Christmas number one. Read More ... {GO}
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Little Mix's summer tips

Little Mix star Perrie Edwards is a big fan of weird sunglasses according to an article in Now Magazine (UK).

The Little Mix singer gets away whenever her busy schedule allows, and never leaves a pair of quirky sunglasses out of her suitcase.

While she may favour a bold and bright design to shield the sun, her mom isn’t so convinced that the look suits the blonde star.

“I have a ridiculous number of sunglasses. Every time we do signings or see fans in America, they always give me some really quirky ones. The bigger and weirder the better. My mom says the uglier they are, the better they suit my face. What a b*atch!” Perrie laughed

Perrie’s bandmates Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jade Thirlwall also don’t share her love for odd glasses.

Jesy and Leigh-Anne prefer a designer pair, while Jade goes for the cheap-and-cheerful look.

“I’ve got Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses, which I love. They’re a really chunky pair and super cool,” Jesy commented.

“My current sunglasses are from Marc Jacobs – I absolutely love them,” added Leigh-Anne.

“I don’t buy expensive sunglasses because I can’t look after them. I wear really cheap ones from the market!” Jade laughed.

The British stars have their own range of press-on nail wraps with beauty brand Elegant Touch, and like their sunglasses choices, each rock a different trend.

Jesy opts for a dark and grungy nail, while Jade likes her sophisticated talons to have an edge of fun.

“I love white nails with flowers, but I also have skulls for a rocky edge,” revealed Perrie.

“Because my nails are colourful with a lot going on, I’d keep my make-up as natural as possible – just clear mascara and a slick of nude lip gloss,” said Leigh-Anne.

Source: Yahoo


Little Mix talk fearless personal style, their new music, and those Spice Girls comparisons!

The all-girl Brit group spill on their fearless personal style, their new music, and those Spice Girls comparisons!

Real Beauty: How would you describe your personal style?
Leigh-Anne Pinnock: I’m quite old school. I love snap backs, lots of denim, and lots of gold jewelry. Anything from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air—I’ll be wearing it! I also love Lisa Turtle from Saved By The Bell.
Jade Thirlwall: I would say urban, geek-chic. I really like my bow ties. I take a little bit of inspiration from Alexa Chung because she’s quite boyish, but cute and girly at the same time. I always steal my boyfriend’s clothes. They’re so comfy!

RB: Do you have a certain style or beauty philosophy that you live by?
LP: Wear what you want, when you want. As long as you feel comfortable and as long as you’re happy then that’s all that matters.
JT: I either have eyes and no lips or lips and no eyes. I don’t like having too much going on. Audrey Hepburn is my role model in that sense.

RB: Best beauty advice you’ve ever been given: go!
LP: Just to be happy in your own skin, really.
JT: Our makeup artist just taught us how to cleanse our face properly—and it’s amazing! Your really do see the benefits straight away.

RB: Is there a beauty look you’d never try?
LP: I would never shave my head again. On the X Factor, I shaved literally half of my head. They thought it was a really cool style and I really liked it at the time, but now I’m growing it back and it’s just so annoying! I don’t know how long it’s going to take, but I know I have a long way to go!

RB: You guys are touring a lot, what are your must-have beauty products for on the road?
LP: I loved Redken Argan Oil. It’s basically saved my hair. I love Aesop facial products. I use the cleanser, toner and moisturizer—I’m obsessed with it! I also have lots of MAC and Bobbi Brown makeup.
JT: I always carry dry shampoo because it’s like the best thing invented—ever! And I always carry around lip stuff because I get dry lips all the time. Powder, as well, especially in the summer.

RB: Are you constantly raiding each others’ makeup bags on the bus?
JT: Not really…but because we all shop at the same places, we’d often have moments on the road where one of us was like, ‘Ah! I can’t find my lipstick!’ And we’d all have to go through our bags and it’d like, ‘Aw, yeah, I’ve got it.’ Because we all have the same ones, we always mix up our makeup. I think we should label it from now on.

RB: You’ve been compared to The Spice Girls —and even broke their record by having the highest charting debut for a UK girl group ever! What do you think about that?
JT: They were the biggest girl group in the world and we really look up to them and aspire to be like them in terms of success and the message that they represented. And because they were fearless and so confident, they got away with some huge fashion and beauty risks!

Source: RealBeauty.com


Interview - Little Mix talk 90s style & stealing their boyfriends' clothes with Fashionista

If you haven’t heard of Little Mix, or had their infectious first single “Wings” stuck in your head, you may want to get familiar. The quartet was the first-ever group to win the X Factor UK in 2011–a feat not even accomplished by a little boy band you may know called One Direction, who placed third on the show in 2010.

Little Mix–made up of Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, and Jade Thirlwall–are getting ready to take over the US with their debut album DNA (which, just 15 minutes after becoming available at midnight today, landed the number two spot on the iTunes charts). Their ’90s R&B sounds and “Girl Power” message will surely fill the Spice Girls-shaped hole left in your heart.

Fashionista: Since winning the X Factor, you’ve started working with a team of stylists–how has that changed your style?
Jade: I think the main thing is that since the beginning, we’ve kept our style, but just made it better or exaggerated it a bit more with the help of stylists. It brought us together more as a group as well, I think.
Leigh-Anne: Also, we didn’t really know all these different designers before. The stylists have really helped with our knowledge, what looks good, loads of different things.

You girls recently talked with Seventeen magazine about your style icons, and you mentioned Kelly Kapowski and Fresh Prince. What is it about the ’90s that you like so much?
Jesy: It’s colorful, it’s fun, it’s just what we’re about.
Perrie: I like the shapes of it, I like the high waisted jeans, I like the high-waisted denim skirts, I like the crop tops, and whenever I look at pictures of me as a baby with my mum, I just think everything she wears is amazing. I’m obsessed with the stuff my mum used to wear, so maybe it’s that.
Leigh-Anne: The ’90s are just cool, it’s just the best era ever for everything. TV Shows–Kenan and Kel, Sister Sister, Saved by the Bell. And food–like Lucky Charms, they don’t even do those anymore in England! Just everything about it.

You also mentioned that you admire men like Lil Wayne and Perrie’s dad. What is it about men’s style that influences your personal style?
Jesy: We like to boy it up–we’re not really, really girly girls. We like to wear baggy jeans, or baggy tops, and be a bit tomboyish from time to time.

Do you ever steal stuff from your boyfriends? [Perrie is dating One Direction’s Zayn Malik; Leigh-Anne is dating footballer Jordan Kiffin; Jade is dating Diversity member Sam Craske]
[All] Yes!
Jade: I was wearing my boyfriend’s jumper on the plane today.
Leigh-Anne: I like wearing my boyfriend’s tracksuits because they’re really cool.

There are so many Tumblr accounts following what you guys wear. How does it feel to have fans documenting your style, even though you’re still young and experimenting with style yourselves?
Jade: It’s very flattering to have people love our style so much that they want to see everything we’re wearing and buy the same things and stuff. I mean, we are just young girls and sometimes, just like every other girl, we do get it wrong or we get it right, and that’s the fun of being in Little Mix. We get to try things all the time and experiment.
Leigh-Anne: It’s about wearing what you want to wear, and if other people don’t like it it’s their problem at the end of the day. We wear what we want, that’s what it’s all about.

How have your fans influenced your style? A lot of them are about the same age as you.
Perrie: When you see fans dressing like you and they get the same stuff and they dress it up differently, I think it’s a massive compliment to see that. If people like the way we dress that’s amazing, and if they don’t then they don’t, but fashion to us is just a way for us to express ourselves and our personalities and that’s why we want it to be fun. So, yeah, our fans do help a lot with our fashion because they always let us know what they like and stuff like that, and it’s nice to have their opinion really.

How is your onstage style different from your off-duty style?
Perrie: Oh my gosh, when we get styled for every day it’s hectic enough because we’re four girls with totally individual styles, individual tastes, but then when we perform it’s a whole new ball game because we dance as well. So we’ve got to think of how movements are gonna go, how slick we have to look, because “Wings” is very fun and upbeat, and then we’ll do “DNA” which is very harsh, so it needs to be right for all the songs if you know what I mean. So it can be hard to get performance outfits, but I think we’re getting it now.

Do you guys ever feel like you have to sacrifice your individual style to look more like a group?
Jesy: Never. Day to day we just dress how we want to dress, and the only times we kind of match is when we’re performing, but that’s just kind of a color theme, it’s not really matching clothes-wise.

Is it ever hard to work with three other women? Do you ever steal each other’s clothes?
Perrie: No, because we’re so different.
Leigh-Anne: The good thing about us is we’re all so individual and we’ve got our own style, so when we walk into a styling meeting, Alexis [Knox, their stylist] will have all our different rails, and we’ll know whose is who, so there’s no arguments over clothes.

You guys are all so fearless with beauty, from bright hair colors to make-up–is there anything you wouldn’t do, beauty wise?
Perrie: I wouldn’t dye my hair black.
Leigh-Anne: I wouldn’t bleach my own hair blonde, because I literally haven’t dyed it in so long, and it’s in such good condition, so I’m just scared to let any color touch it.

What do you admire about each other’s style?
Jade: I admire that we’re all quite brave, because I know not many people would wear what we wear sometimes because it’s so loud and stuff, so to have the guts to wear a massive bright lemon and lime thing—do you know what I mean?
[Jesy, Perrie, Leigh-Anne]: Aww, yea.

Do you ever look back at stuff that you wore and think, “God, I wish I hadn’t worn that?”
[All] Yeaaaahhh.
Perrie: Quite a lot, really, because on the X Factor it was different. We just cared so much about our performance and our vocal and getting the harmonies right that we didn’t care what we looked like, so we just threw anything on and it would be last minute. It was only one stylist with assistants to do everybody on the show, so it just got to the point where we were like, “We don’t care what we’re wearing, we just wanna have fun and put on a good show.” And that’s what it came down to.
Jade: There’s always that photo that you look at and think, “Ohh, I shouldn’t have worn that.”
Perrie: That’s because fashion evolves and trends change, but we’re not one to follow trends anyway.

What style advice would you give to your fans?
Perrie: Wear what you feel comfortable in, if you like it who cares? Be confident, experiment and see what happens!
Leigh-Anne: I think sometimes people just don’t like things that are different, things standing out and being unique, and that’s what we’re all about.
Jesy: Embrace your individuality! We’re all about dress for yourself, not for other people, and if you feel comfortable in it, that’s all that matters.

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Video - Little Mix dye their hair for Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL

Take a look at videos of Little Mix showing us how they created their AMAZING hair thanks to Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL.


The latest Little Mix news right here on LittleMixDaily.com - 2

It’s no secret that Little Mix always look awesome and with the girls launching the brand new collection of nail wraps and press-ons that they’ve designed for Elegant Touch and New Look this week, we went along to see if any of their style would rub off. After having trouble deciding which gals’ nails to go for and just having to wear them all at once, we caught up with their stylist, the lovely Alexis Knox, who gave some tips and advice about how Perrie, Leigh-Anne, Jesy and Jade make their individual styles work for them.

Talking us through the clobber that’ll be finding their way into the girls’ wardrobes this season, there were loads of bold, statement shoes for Jesy, 60s inspired florals for Perrie, graphic prints for Leigh-Anne and of course bows for Jade. It’s not just about following trends though and while Little Mix are all pretty individual in their approach to fashion, they like their looks to work together as a unit too.

“The girls aren’t led by fashion, they’re led by their personalities and their taste, they’re not slaves to fashion, it’s really cool – they understand personal style first and foremost. So when I work with the girls, I don’t go ‘This is what you’re wearing today’, it’s 100% a collaboration.”

Little Mix definitely aren’t into being told what to wear and are apparently much more into experimenting with their looks as much as possible.

Alexis added:

“Their style isn’t to everyone’s taste, but you have to celebrate that they’re young and have the confidence to express themselves. They’re just having fun. They’re not saying ‘I’m trying to be this or that,’ or ‘Look at me and follow me’ – they just want to have a good time. Their message is individualism, be proud to be who you are and express yourselves so I think it’s really refreshing and a good thing for the pop industry to have.”

We couldn’t agree more and if you want to hear more of what Alexis had to say about each girls’ style, have a little listen below…

{Source: Sugarscape}


The latest Little Mix news right here on LittleMixDaily.com - 3

Take a look at these couple of videos that the girls recorded a while ago as part of an interview for TeeMix, a French website who have shown interest in the girls since day 1.


Fashion - Leigh-Anne talks festival style, ones to watch & crop top confidence ahead of summer

Little Mix are gearing up for an exciting summer of festivals with confirmed slots at Isle of Wight and V Festival.

Talking to us about the band’s busy summer ahead, Little Mixer Leigh-Anne told us, “I’m so, so excited, the atmosphere at festivals is just amazing as everyone just wants to have a good time, it’s going to be amazing.”

Leigh-Anne dished all things festival prep when we sat down with her recently, from wardrobe essentials to stage style, she also gave us a heads up on the acts she’ll be catching this summer.

Read the full interview below…

Hi Leigh-Anne! Festival season is almost here, who are your ones to watch?
“I absolutely love Miguel, he is incredible and hopefully he’ll be at one of the festivals so hopefully I’ll bump into him.”

Any surprises in store for your own festival sets?
“It’s good because when we did T4 on the Beach last year we only had Wings out, and now we’ve got so many of our songs out it’s going to be really exciting to perform our own music. Just expect loads of dancing and just having a party on the stage. Our new single How You Doin’ is going to be really fun to perform, we actually can’t wait.”

So what’s your favourite song to perform live?
“Well we’ve just come off our tour where we did the whole album, which was good because we got to show off all the different sides to Little Mix. The beginning of the set was the introduction to Little Mix and how fun we are and the middle section was where we could just girl band tribute. Then the last section was where we did DNA, so more serious and the darker side to Little Mix. I love doing Going Nowhere definitely, because you can feel this sense of empowerment.”

Sounds like you’ll need a lot of wardrobe changes! What will you be wearing this festival season?
“Well hopefully it’s going to be lovely and hot so maybe a bit of flesh would be nice!”

We all know Little Mix can rock a crop top, what’re your crop top confidence tips?
“I just think whatever you wear with confidence you can pull off, that’s just the main thing really. Be comfortable with your body, be happy with the way you look and just be confident in showing that off.”

What will be your three festival wardrobe staples be then?
“I’d probably say some chunky Timberlands with shorts and then a colourful crop t-shirt and loads (and loads) of gold jewellery.”

And which bag will you be carrying this summer?
“I always tend to buy a bag and swear by it and always carry that one around. I’ve got this amazing one that I love from ASOS, it’s got loads of gold studs on it and I always wear that when I’m wearing gold. I also have loads of rucksacks from Topshop and a black leather one with silver on it, they’re really cool for festivals, rucksacks are just easy to carry!”

Source: Handbag.com

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The latest Little Mix news right here on LittleMixDaily

The Girls recently spoke to SugarScape on what matters to them, also gave some beauty tips. Check out the interview by clicking here..

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